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  • AIM, A novel architecture for modelling, virtualising and managing the energy consumption of household appliances: AIM's main objective is to foster a harmonised technology for profiling and managing the energy consumption of appliances at home. AIM introduces energy monitoring and management mechanisms in the home network and provides a proper service creation environment to serve virtualisation of energy consumption, with the final aim of offering users a number of standalone and operator services. The AIM technology is applied on white goods (refrigerators, kitchens, washing machines, driers), communication devices (cordless phones and wireless communication devices for domestic use) and audiovisual equipment (TV Sets and Set-top-boxes).

    European Project, June 2008 - May 2010.

  • BEE Project, The BEE (Bright Energy Equipment) Project is a research activity born within an interdepartmental laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano involving researcher of the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunications. The aim of the Project is to develop hardware and software prototype infrastructures capable of providing advanced tools to home users (and, in perspective, to groups of these) in order to make them an active part of future Smart Grids. Main elements of the system are the BEE Box (i.e. the device in which is located the intelligence of the whole system), the sensors (which include, among others, the energy meter), the software for the user interface and the optimization of the exchange profiles with the network, and the communication channel with the world outside.

    Politecnico di Milano Project, started in 2010.